A Little About Me

Toni Imsen is an artist, an author and entrepreneur. She has been married since 1990, is the mother of three adults, and a grandmother of two.

Toni is an ordained minister and co-founder of multiple ministries. She continues to minister though public speaking and offers private ministry to individuals.

Toni creates works of art in various mediums, is a published author, and corporate business owner. Her passion is to cultivate creativity for the purpose of healing and transformation.

Why I Do What I Do

It's time for some hope and healing.

We are living in some challenging times. I don’t know about yours, but my social media feeds are loaded with images of suffering from around the world, political upheaval and general negativity. Newscasts fake or not fake (that’s up for debate) are loaded with doom, gloom and drama. I would like to see that change, wouldn’t you?

If we aren’t careful we can become exhausted, depressed or even worse, seriously ill from continual exposure to bad news and traumatic situations. Nobody has time for that. My heart and mind can only take so much before the cracks begin to show.

I would like to be one who changes that atmosphere into one of peace and transformation. This is why I do what I do. I am choosing to use my resources and creativity to inspire hope and healing in our generation.

When I say hope and healing, I am not referring to hope as in engaging positive wishes or creating the idea of utopia. I am not referring to healing in the sense that I am a licensed physician who is practicing medicine.

What I am talking about in regards to hope is offering a vision of encouragement and goodness. I am talking about healing in regards to nurturing of bodies (our physical being) toward wholeness, engaging souls (mind, will and emotions) toward health, and empowering our spirits (the part of us that is continual union with our Creator) towards eternal matters.

We can become the greatest influence of our time when we surrender all our darkness in exchange for beauty.

We all have stories of victory we can share that restore ones faith. We have all seen art that somehow enables us to experience something great we haven’t yet encountered. We have all read that one book that brought us across the long bridge to the next place on our journey.

What if we were strategic in our focus to transform our society from grim to good?

Let’s give it a chance.

This is my endeavor. I inspire hope and healing.

My Posting Schedule

I will be posting weekly blog posts. I will produce content in a variety of formats as new materials become available.

What I Will Be Creating

Series Blog Posts - My posts are offered in series form:

the connection series - building healthy connections with God and people.

the creativity series - cultivating creativity and celebration

the fiction series - engaging the imagination through fiction

the healing series - bringing hope, healing and transformation

the leadership series - encouraging leaders and entrepreneurs

the spirituality series - inspiring faith and spiritual growth

the stories series - true stories of people and their encounters with God

Posts are often written in more than one segment and are titled as "parts" in a series, such as "Pioneer Series Part 1". Enjoy!

Art - My original paintings and mixed media pieces will be made available for purchase on my Catalog page upon availability. Prints are not currently available, however, prints will be made available in the near future. My Catalog will be featuring various other items such as jewelry and other hand made items.

Books - My books will be made available on my catalog page. Currently, I have three print books available.

1. When Life Happens: How We Survived the Unexpected (available on this website only)

An anthology. Co-written by 33 wonderful authors. Published by Anthology Inspired Press 2014 of the Lori Bryant's Stories series.

2. The Power of Love: Redemption Stories (available on this website only)

An anthology. Co-written by 22 amazing authors. Published by Anthology Inspired Press 2016 of the Lori Bryant's Stories series.

3. God Speaks: Perspectives on Hearing God's Voice (available on Amazon links below)

An anthology. Co-written by 28 amazing authors. Published by Inkity Press.

Kindle Version: bit.ly/God-Speaks-Kindle

Paperback Version: bit.ly/God-Speaks-Paperback

Publishing information on future projects will be announced through this site and on my social media sites.

Subscribe - To keep up with me please consider subscribing to my email list. You will receive the most current information and content. My announcements, blog and special offers will come directly to you through email. Thank you in advance for your subscription. You may sign up for my newsletters on the contact page.

Upcoming Projects - I have several projects in the works. I am in the midst of creating tons of new content for you. I am looking forward to developing a library of e-books for download, and audio/video files with hope and healing in mind.

Events - I accept invitations to speak publicly or minister at a variety of events. I often speak to entrepreneurs, artists, authors and the spiritually inclined. I provide personal healing ministry to individuals interested in receiving private ministry. My event information will be listed on my events page.

Contact - You can contact me directly through my contact page.