The Pioneer Part 1: 10 Markers of a Pioneer

1. Pioneers have visions of the future others can't imagine.

2. Pioneers see the big picture and have a one-track mind.

3. Pioneers keep moving forward because there is no turning back.

4. Pioneers are in pursuit of greatness and settle for nothing less.

5. Pioneers know that there will be a cost that is more than they can pay, but continue anyway.

6. Pioneers consider that sacrifice is part of the process and plan to abandon whatever is necessary.

7. Pioneers are looking beyond the status quo and pursue the goal with relentless conviction.

8. Pioneers know what can't be known without foresight.

9. Pioneers see what can't be seen without insight.

10. Pioneers create what can't be created without oversight.

If this is you, thank you in advance for your discoveries, your new worlds, your endeavors and your victories.

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The Pioneer Part 2: 10 Experiences of a Pioneer

1. Pioneers carry a burden for a cause that resonates deep within them. 
2. Pioneers have a life-changing encounter that shapes them and propels them forward.
3. Pioneers are dissatisfied with what currently exists and dream of other worlds beyond their sphere.
4. Pioneers have a deep sense of purpose that calls them forward to satisfy a longing. 
5. Pioneers are intensely preoccupied with the long-term vision coming to pass at all costs.
6. Pioneers receive opposition to the vision on a regular basis. Yet, pioneers continue with perseverance.
7. Pioneers experiencing diversity in various circumstances are a part of daily life. 
8. Pioneers have accusers and naysayers come out of expected and unexpected places. 
9. Pioneers are stamped with inappropriate names and slanderous labels. 
10. Pioneers are grieved by abandonment by friends & family when things get rough.

Copyright © 2017-2018 Toni Imsen. All Rights Reserved.