About Toni

Toni Imsen is an artist, an author and an entrepreneur. She’s a mother and a minister. Toni is a granny who enjoys adventures on the road with her husband in the convertible or on the motorcycle.

Toni Imsen is a painter and a mixed-media artist. She is a poet and a published author of non-fiction, short stories, and blogs.

Toni Imsen is a minister of healing, a prophetic voice, and most of all a lover of Jesus. Toni has launched and led multiple ministries in southern California as an ordained pastor and apostle with her husband Ted of 28 years.

Note from Toni:

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical doctor, psychiatrist, or professional clinical psychologist. I have been a licensed and ordained minister specializing in prayer ministry. My writings are based on my personal experience working with people in various capacities bringing spiritual transformation to individuals and groups. The views expressed here are my own personal views, opinions, observations and experiences over the past few decades. My blog posts do not necessarily represent the views of organizations I am currently working with or have been a part of in the past. I have been trained extensively in various settings by experienced leaders. I have trained others interested in spiritual healing in various platforms, using a variety of methods. Stories of individuals are used by permission and/or details have been changed in order to provide anonymity for the purpose of dignity and privacy.

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 About Owls & Arrows

After taking a break from writing for sometime, and considering where to go next, I decided it was time for growing deeper and develop spiritual gifts. Healing and prophecy are two of the spiritual gifts mentioned in the scriptures. Owls & Arrows content will be specifically focused on the gifts of prophecy, healing and spiritual gifts in general. You will find equipping material as well as encouragement with the intent to build you up in these areas.

In the arts, owls are symbolic of wisdom, knowledge, mystery, moderation, calmness. Owls have the ability to see sharply and precisely making them a great symbol for prophetic ministry. In my experience, owls have made an impression on my own personal life and ministry. Owls seem to appear at strategic times in my life when God seems to be moving in powerful ways, giving specific knowledge and insight.

The arrow represents power, precision and often provision. An arrow pointing to the right symbolizes protection. An arrow pulled back represents tension and the struggle. Arrows symbolize courage and moving forward. In my experience, I’ve seen healing come like an arrow with precision and touch a person very specifically making the person whole. This is what makes the arrow a powerful representation for healing.

Of course, there will be stories, art, and leadership materials here as they always have been . I am looking forward to opening my online store and adding more media for your continued enjoyment and inspiration.

Owls & Arrows seems the be the most appropriate name for the journey we will be taking together. I pray the contributions I will be making here will leave you encouraged, equipped, and empowered. I pray that you will find increased imagination, information and impartation. I hope you accept the invitation to have your own encounters.

About Content

Blogs are categorized and tagged in series form to make our most common topics easy to follow:

  • prophetic - expressing words of illumination, affirmation, and inspiration, equipping for prophetic ministry

  • healing - bringing hope, healing and transformation, equipping for healing ministry of the body, soul and spirit

  • gifts - developing and awakening biblical spiritual gifts of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

  • stories - telling true stories of people and their encounters with God, real stories of the supernatural in everyday life

  • leadership - equipping and empowering spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs, keys for success, leadership development

  • creativity - cultivating creativity, engaging the imagination, artistic expressions, photography, art, poetry and fiction

  • media - recorded audio messages, preaching and teaching, podcasts and video, various topics and conversations


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