Five Decisions


When you are a young person who has been through some stuff, you have a tendency to make decisions early on.

You make decisions early on and you know they're important.

They will be challenged.

I made a decision that I would not run from fear, that I would face it.

I made a decision that I would not cater to bullies. I would stand up to them.

I made a decision to be strong in the face of adversity and not allow adversity to control my choices.

I made a decision to love with the best of my ability, to forgive those who've hurt me and live from the forgiveness given me.

I made a decision to serve one God and it wasn't me, nor was it you. It is Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

Those are just 5 decisions that I've made.

I'm sure you have your own.

If not, maybe it's time?


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