Emotional Pain Healed and Babies in Heaven

Emotional Pain Healed and Babies_in_Heaven_BP_Image_1024x1024.jpg

I was with a woman who was in a lot of emotional pain, having had several miscarriages.

While I was praying with her for emotional healing for many traumatic experiences, Jesus told me to ask her if she wanted to see her babies.

Honestly, I was concerned that it would cause more pain. But since Jesus prompted it, I figured I would trust him.

I asked her, straight up, "would you like to see your babies?" feeling awkward for sure.

She said yes. Jesus appeared to her and took her to a playground with a swing set in heaven.

While she was swinging, Jesus brought each baby for her to swing with.

As she was holding each one, she was able to name them, smell them, feel them, hear them and sense them in every way.

When she was done, she gave them back to Jesus to take care of until she can return to heaven.

There were 12 children in total, some were boys and some were girls. Each child was in a different stage of development. They each shared things with her, such as, "I love you Mommy.” "It's not your fault." "I'm waiting for you after you live a good life.” “I'll see you here too, Mommy."

The woman was no longer stuck in grief over them after her encounter. She was able to experience compassion and the deep love of Christ.

Some of you are wondering why God would do that. It's because he cares for every detail of our lives. Why wouldn't he?

All I did was ask the question. "Would you like to see your babies?" And sit back and watch and make sure she was ok as she reported her experience as it was happening. No prompting, no influencing, just witnessing the miraculous take place.

I was never the same. I learned about the power of the question. I learned about the personal transforming love of God.


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