Pain Caused by Gossip Healed


“Hey remember that time you prayed for my back and the pain stopped? I've never had that pain since that day . . ."

L told me that she couldn't believe how it was connected to family gossip but she is seeing it now.

I was sitting in L's chair in her salon and she was telling me how some of her family was giving her issues about her upcoming wedding and their lack of approval of her fiancé.

L discovered that her family was gossiping and slandering her and her fiancé and that it was causing family issues.

As she was seeking counsel from me about whether or not to invite them to the wedding, I noticed she was making a strange stretching motion with her lower back, as if she was trying to crack it.

I interrupted L and said, "Hey L, is your back bothering you? I see you bending and leaning as if you're in pain."

L: "Yeah it's been bugging me lately, I didn't do anything to it. I don't know why it's like this."

Me: "Can I pray for it?"

L: "Please do, I need it to be gone, it's hard to work like this."

I asked her, "Can I touch it?"

L: "Of course."

Me: "Pain, go."

L began to move back and forth, bending and stretching, saying, "wow, it's totally going, except here." pointing to a certain spot.

Me: "When did the pain start?"

L: "Oh, three months ago.”

Me: "Isn't that the same time your family stuff started getting stirred up?"

L: "Yes, actually! It is when it started!"

Me: "Okay, have you ever thought about the power of words? Words can sometimes 'stick' and hang around causing pain. Does that make sense to you?"

L: "Yes. How do I get rid of it?"

Me: "Let’s forgive and bless them and see what happens."

L: "Okay, I forgive (names) for (offenses) and bless my family" as she began bending and stretching and smiling.

"It's gone! Totally gone! Oh my goodness! I love you, I love you!" as she is hugging me and kissing me.

Me: "Okay, so you’re good?"

L: "I’m better than good!"

As she continued working on my hair, she was testing her new healing and marveling at how simple healing was.

L told me she was thinking about our former encounter because those same family members were attacking other members of the family who were now suffering illnesses. She considered the possible connection.

I told her to ask Jesus and do what he says to do. It's just that easy.


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