Parking Lot Prayer


I was at a dinner with girlfriends a few years ago on the way to a speaking engagement where one of us was the guest speaker.

The ladies and I were discussing the miracles we had witnessed and how they still happen today. Miracles, it seemed, for all of us, had appeared during the everyday events of life as well as in ministry situations.

We were exchanging stories about what we had seen, tasted and touched in the supernatural arena, where God answered prayer and met people in unusual ways.

We reminisced over the encounters where we had experienced the goodness of God in simple ways, as well as in dramatic ways.

We laughed and cried all through the dinner. So what else was new? That's just how we do things.

As we were leaving on the way to our friend's speaking engagement, we saw her. I'll call her H.

H approached one of the women our group and said, "Hi, aren't you Pastor _____ 's wife? I heard that he knows of a place that could pray for me for my problem I'm having."

The pastor's wife responded, "you happen to be standing in front of the leader of that ministry right now," pointing at me.

I told her that she didn't need to come to my ministry or go to a particular place for God to hear her or heal her but he could do it right here in the parking lot if she would allow us the honor of praying for her right then.

We prayed for her issue and while we were praying, I was prompted, by a thought, to pray for her dreams and insomnia, which she did not mention.

Afterward she said her stomach felt better, which was one of the things she asked for, as well as some of her other issues, she could feel a measurable difference in how she felt immediately.

A few weeks later she appeared at the door of my ministry and told me what happened to her later that night.

H confided in me that she had been struggling with anxiety, depression, insomnia and had nightmares when she did sleep. She was surprised when I mentioned it in my prayer when she had not told me about it.

H went on to tell me about what happened that night after we met in the parking lot.

H said that she slept all night and she hadn't slept normally in quite sometime. She reported that her husband told her that she kept waking him up because she was laughing in her sleep and she hadn't laughed in sometime either because of the depression. She was receiving healing in areas she hadn't even asked for healing in.

God is good all the time.

I believe we were all set up in a giant love scheme that day.

I believe our conversation opened up a place of hope and expectation for the miraculous to occur.

I believe that H had a divine invitation into heaven on earth that day in a restaurant parking lot.

I believe it can happen again, anywhere and anytime.

Miracles do happen.

They can happen to you.


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