People of Faith


Throughout history it's been people of faith who have;

Sustained hope in trying times

Maintained joy in spite of war

Served the world in crisis and poverty

How then shall we respond to what sits in front of us, what lies before us and heal what is behind us?

Will we be heroes or villains?

Will we cater to fear or celebrate love?

Strength and courage are the markers of the faithful.

Ingenuity, innovation and creativity are called upon in times such as these.

Consistency and stability are staples in the cabinets of the faithful.

Morale and encouragement are the sustenance of holy.

Covenant and promise are the inheritance of the saints.

Glory and majesty are the essence and persona of the royal sons and daughters.

What shall we display for the whole world to marvel when the future looks bleak?

We will not sink to levels beneath us.

We will not conform to the status quo.

We will rise.


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