The Family Business


While I was out doing everyday things and minding my own business, or so I thought there was a suddenly kind of moment.

There is always an AND SUDDENLY.

I was out with one of my children at the grocery store. While I was being checked out at the register, the checker asked me if I wanted to contribute to breast cancer research. All I said was, "no thanks, not today”.

What I didn't say was that I had relatives with cancer currently and had ministered to many with cancer, and post cancer survivors. I also didn't say that I had seen enough damage from cancer in my lifetime and was intent on seeing it disappear in my day.

There was a long line behind me and had no intention of opening a can of worms, like the c word topic.

And suddenly, she started "sharing" her heart about the ravages of breast cancer in her sister's life and how it devastated her family when her brother-in-law left her sister penniless, etc.

Remember, there was a long line behind my daughter and I. We had an audience.

In the moment all I could think to do was look her in the eyes and say, " I am so sorry for your loss and pain, you need to know that you are loved, so is your sister and her family. There is peace for you and you are not forgotten. Thank you for being there for your sister. You are greatly appreciated, you need to know that your life matters."

She thanked me as tears rolled down her face. I told her I'd better let her get back to work, she had a line of people who needed her and appreciated her service.

We walked away. My daughter asked me, "Does this happen everywhere you go? Do random people just share their personal stuff on you like that? What is that?"

All I could say is that there are a lot of hurting people out there who need love and affection. Those are invitations to love people who need love and encouragement right where they are.

Those events that seem like they are the "and suddenly" moments that seem like random interruptions while you are minding your own business. Those are invitations into the family business.

The Father's business is the family business that you inherited.

You have the privilege of spending your inheritance anyway you want.

Love is your currency.

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