Vintage Stoves and Grateful Hearts


I was walking through Costco and I began to laugh. I had a vision of our first place after we were married. We had a vintage stove in that tiny duplex located on a tow yard. Yes, our home was located on an industrial lot with an operating tow truck company. Beep, beep, beep could be heard 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

The stacked stove/oven we had could bake cookies in less than five minutes because it had a broken thermostat. We had mice in the kitchen and we could hear the traps snapping at night, "Yep, another one bites the dust," we would say.

Upon entering the front door of the dinky duplex you could see the bathroom straight ahead which you could get to by walking through the living room, kitchen and a bedroom. T I N Y and OLD was our new home. We were happy anyway.

"What in the world do we have to complain about?" I said to my husband in Costco. "Remember that old stove we had when we lived on Grand Avenue?"

"Oh, yeah. I completely forgot about that horrible thing! That house was awful." he laughed.

We laughed about how terrible that place was. Wow, we've come along way.

Ever go through a season when everything seems to go wrong, even simple things?

We recently bought a new washing machine and a dryer after ours went out. Seems easy enough, right? Just buy new ones, no problem. NO. The new items had issues and took way too much of my time and energy to straighten it all out and get all the issues resolved, The situation caused a lot of stress and inconvenience for me and the family. With 5 people living in one house, laundry can pile up quick. I had no time for this. I had a life to live, a business to run and a household to manage. Bla, bla, bla!


Remembering that old stove and the mice, and the prostitutes that frequented the neighborhood (yes, there were prostitutes too) helped bring me back to reality. A little walk down Memory Lane, which, came in a flash, brought me right back down to earth.

I am a person who has every advantage, every reason to be grateful, thankful and satisfied. Yet, any little thing can throw me off at any time. A sweet little reminder of how much worse things had been, a vision of an ugly vintage stove was also able to bring me right back to a place of gratitude right there in Costco while I'm filling my cart.

Yes. I am spoiled by a loving God who uses simple things to bring my heart right back into his arms.

Thanks for the memory.

Thank you for EVERYTHING.

Connect to gratitude.


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