Social Media Awakens the Seven Spheres of Culture


I can say one thing about social media. It awakens the 7 Spheres of Culture.

Social media awakens:

The preachers without pulpits

The writers without publishers

The artists without galleries

The mothers without children

The teachers without students

The politicians without positions

The entrepreneurs without businesses

It’s only the beginning of what social media can do

Be awakened


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Pick a Camp


Can a man or woman get free of what he accepts and accommodates?

There comes a time when one must pick a camp from which they will call home.

Is it time to let go of the familiar?

When chaos is the norm, peace will feel like a foreigner.

Life in the "stuck" zone may look like:

1. Making the same choices expecting a different result.

2. Worry about the opinions of others rather than following your own gut instinct.

3. The words "always" and "never" are popular words in your vocabulary.

4. A series of trade offs and compromises have kept you in regret rather than pursuing hope.

5. You may be living in the past, at a stand still in the present, and the future seems elusive and foggy.

From the famous lyrics of The Brady Bunch song:

"When it's time to change, you have to rearrange . . ."

It's time for a new song.


Copyright © 2017-2018 Toni Imsen. All Rights Reserved.