Bag of Checks and Financial Blessing


When my husband and I were married for about a year, we were renting a small apartment here in Southern California.

We were struggling financially, we just had our first baby and the economy was in the middle of a recession.

We were stressed about our financial situation and were concerned whether or not we would make it every month.

I was a stay at home mom and was considering going back to work just to make ends meet. But we both really felt Jesus prompting me to stay home with our children. We were in a difficult situation, and continued to ask God for provision.

We were not great at tracking our finances yet and really were not paying too much attention to our checking account balance.

We had been living in that particular apartment for about 6 months. It was one of three apartments on one chunk of property.

The manager of the property was living on site in one of the other apartments. Our landlord was actually considered a "slum lord", as he owned many properties in the inner city and some in the rougher areas of the suburbs where we were.

One day, our manager came over to see us and asked if we had noticed that our rent checks had been not been going through the bank.

We really didn't notice that, we just paid our rent by check and forgot about it.

Terri informed us that our slumlord owner had a bad habit of collecting his rent on his hundreds of apartment buildings and placing the checks in a paper grocery bag and would wait long periods of time before cashing them.

He called her that week to inform her that he had LOST the grocery bag he placed about 6-8 months of checks and it was illegal for him to ask for new checks. Therefore, we could keep all that back rent, the checks would never be cashed by him.


Yes, about 6 months RENT FREE!

How's that for provision?

How's that for a miracle?

Yep! This mama ended up staying home with her babies then, and for another 18+ years. There were many other miracles that took place over those years in the area of finances.

God is a great provider.

You can bank on that!


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His Name is Ezra


A mother brought her newborn son for prayer.

I prayed for him before when he was still in the womb.

When his mother came to me the first time her belly was so small I hadn't noticed she was pregnant. She was 8 months along.

I could see the cause for concern. It seemed as if he wasn't growing. Doctors had declared negative diagnoses over his life and went into great detail about his projected health problems and why she should abort him.

I said, "NO!" No to all of it, the diagnoses, the projected health problems, abortion, and all the number of factors affecting this boy.

We prayed for him and believed he would be born healthy. We left it at that. We waited.

There were several things going on in the life of this mama. There were many negative contributing factors to consider. Yet we stood our ground in our faith that God heals today.

A few months went by. I put the prayer time out of my mind. I work with many people so it's not unusual that I didn't hear from her for a while.

Then she brought Ezra. He was beautiful and perfect. He was born at 8ish pounds a few months earlier. None of the doctor's diagnoses were correct. He was a healthy baby.

However, that day, he had been experiencing breathing problems and they weren't sure why. Mama stopped by for prayer on the way to the doctor's office.

My husband and I were sitting on the couch in the prayer room at my office, just hanging out and enjoying music.

The tangible presence of God was strong in the house of prayer that day.

Mama came in looking frantic. I hadn't seen her since our first prayer time. I naturally reached out for him and asked her how he was doing, etc.

She began to explain the situation about his fever and his wheezing. My husband and I were already kissing him and holding him.

As we sat on the couch loving this baby, he began to breathe normally, no wheezing and his body instantly cooled to his normal temperature.

A loving God supernaturally touched this tiny boy named Ezra through kisses and affection.

Amazed, his mama took him back into her arms and left take him to his appointment just to make sure he would remain fine.

Ezra is now a healthy growing child. We see him and the whole family regularly.

God has so much more in store for that little boy. I am privileged to be able to watch it happen.


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