Movement, Resistance and Push-Through: Courage for Three Phases of Life


Movement, Resistance and Push-Through: Courage for Three Phases of Life

You’ve gotten that promotion you’ve been waiting for. The baby you’ve been dreaming of for the past year has just been born. You’ve landed that new job. You’ve moved into a brand-new house (or at least new to you). Perhaps, you’ve lost a loved one or have gone through a divorce. Whatever the circumstance, change is here.What’s next? Now you’ve jumped that hurdle, but where do you go from here?

You are entering the new normal, at least for a while.

There are some common phases for this thing we call LIFE. Movement. Resistance. Push-Through. Where are you?

There is always that endless prophetic word about a shift or a breakthrough coming. That’s not necessarily prophetic. Those are normal courses of life. Something is always changing and there is an ebb and flow of movement, resistance and push-through, and, you guessed it, repeat.

Some of us just pushed through into a new place and in some senses, we are starting over again. Some haven’t quite pushed through and are in the resistance phase. The resistance phase of the season of life you are in looks like delays, setbacks, brokenness or some type of stuck-ness. Then comes the push or the breakthrough. Then you start the pattern all over again with movement.

Recently, in a conversation with a friend, we were discussing boredom. You know, that time when you find yourself at the top of your game in a certain stage of life or environment, yet, you’re bored. Maybe it’s a job you’ve become overqualified for. Maybe it’s a church where you’ve come to a point where you don’t feel like your gifts are being utilized. Maybe it’s a particular friend group where you don’t quite feel like you fit in anymore and you find your thoughts floating somewhere outside of the group’s “think”. It’s that season when you aren’t being challenged personally.

Boredom can be a great motivator. Have you ever considered that boredom could be an indicator that you are not living up to your highest calling? Perhaps instead of following, you are supposed to be innovating and creating, leading? Perhaps, God, in his mysterious language is leading you and prompting you to make a change bringing you closer to him and what he has called you to.

A business consultant to our corporation once told my husband that he was unemployable, not because he isn’t qualified to be a great employee, but because he was wired for something else. He thinks differently and operates in a different manner He told him that some people are CEOs at heart and that someone who is made to be a CEO doesn’t play well with others as an employee, CEOs are just not built that way. CEOs are built to lead and create, not just to follow and perform according to the status quo. The consultant said it isn’t a right or a wrong thing it just is how it is, and people are made how they are made. The best thing to do is just embrace it and understand what you are wired for and live from it. It was good insight considering the context of a much larger conversation.

The consultant was absolutely right. Some of us don’t understand who we are, and we will continue to go from thing to thing feeling unsatisfied and out of our element. The cycle of floating will leave us feeling defeated, exhausted and bored. We aren’t built to mindlessly wander. The wandering could be a sign of a much deeper wound that is in need of healing but often it’s a natural course of discovery of who we are and finding ultimately who we belong to and where we should be.

I am writing this today because I feel as if it is a timely word for so many. I am writing for three people falling into these phases in order that you may find courage right where you are.

I’m writing to the ones who are in the movement phase. You are in a time of tremendous growth and activity. This seems a whole new world, full of sights and new sounds. New people and new life situations are bringing both joy, and new opportunities. Enjoy it all. Learn all you can. Be yourself. Expect great things. Treat people well. Leave things better than you found them. Create long-lasting foundations. Live purposefully.

I am writing to the ones who are in the resistance phase. You are in a time that seems like it will last forever. It will not. All the things that seem to be coming against you right now are temporary. Remain grounded. Everything isn’t personal. You can do this. Choose joy. Expect good things. Don’t lose your confidence. Ask questions. Take notes. Revaluate your self talk. Develop communication skills. Seek counsel from those who have traveled this road who came out strong. Ask for help.

I am writing to the ones who are in the push-through phase. You are in a time of increased intensity. Things can go either way at this stage of the game. Carry light baggage. Leave behind what can’t go to the next level. Maintain relationships. Love people where they are. Be free of the past. Dare to dream. Pick your battles. Maintain integrity. Operate from peace. Keep your eyes wide open for God to speak to you and lead you in a different direction. Imagine the possibilities in the coming season of movement.

To all of the ones in every phase: LOVE BIG. HOPE MORE. SPREAD THE JOY.

Psalm 31:24 Be strong and let your heart take courage. All you who hope in the Lord. (NASB)

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New Alignments and Fresh Assignments


New Alignments and Fresh Assignments

·      Are you wondering why you’re daydreaming of greater things?

·      Do you have a sense of no longer fitting into a slot that seemed perfectly suited for you before?

·      Are you concerned when you’re with people you’ve built a career or ministry with, but something feels off?

·      Do things that made sense before no longer appear to be reasonable?

·      Is there a feeling of an upward motion, lifting you up allowing the wind to carry you elsewhere?

It may be time for new alignments and fresh assignments.

I don’t think I am alone in this.

Recently, a friend sent me a text. “Thank you for pushing past the old and being obedient to walk into the new. God’s purpose for you here is unfolding.” She expressed what my heart was already feeling, though, I wasn’t able to articulate it.

Did it seem as though it were a new alignment and a fresh assignment? No. I suppose it didn’t need to. I was going with the flow and honoring the prompting with no pressure to perform or make things happen for myself. I cannot always see what is happening at the time it is happening. Looking back over the last year or so, I can see now what I will call “the God-Moves.”

The God-Moves

You’ve heard it said, “God moves in mysterious ways.” Yes, He does. And what it often means in plain English is, you don’t know what the heck is happening to you and why things are the way they are. Sometimes they aren’t seeming to be good things either.

The truth is He was setting me up and I didn’t know it. He was preparing a specific space, in a particular place. He was sending me to a people to love and be loved. He was aligning me with new faces and bringing me into community with a family I had not previously known. It’s a new alignment.

God had been operating in his God-Moves behind the scenes to open a door for me with hearts who celebrate what I bring to the collective table. And I truly desire what they carry and celebrate the uniqueness of the community in which I find myself. He paired me up with new partners. We have an assignment.

Does this mean I disappear and abandon my old friends, mantles and mandates? No. I love and honor those people and times. I have ongoing relationships. I am honoring God by following his lead in the mantles and mandates. It’s means the smaller-picture purpose appears differently than in previous seasons. The smaller-picture purpose operates in a variety of frameworks in any given season.

The Big-Picture and the Smaller-Picture Purpose

The big-picture purpose is fulfilled by the smaller-picture steps. It’s called stewardship. How we care for the people and accomplish the goals set before us leads to the big-picture purpose and destinies fulfilled. Process is precious.

Trusting God and His moves keeps us from getting stuck in seasons we are no longer in. Otherwise, you’ll be wearing a winter coat when you should be wearing a bikini.

If you don’t hop on the God-Train and see the pictures and purposes in their context, you will find yourself in difficulty.

If you don’t align with the proper people in the right season, you will end up feeling lonely in a crowded room.

If you don’t embrace the new assignment, you’ll begin to question your value.

If you don’t recognize the big-picture, smaller-picture view, you will begin to wonder whether or not you are in God’s perfect will.

How Do You Know It’s Time for Alignments and Assignments to Shift?

·      You may find yourself with people you don’t celebrate and don’t celebrate you.

·      You may find yourself doing tasks that aren’t fulfilling.

·      You may find yourself struggling with anxiety or depression about the future.

·      You may find yourself in stale places feeling suffocated.

·      You may find yourself lacking joy and direction.

These aren’t Negative Nancy statements or prophetic declarations of doom and gloom. These are merely a hint as to what may be happening in your very human heart.

The only true way to gauge where you are on the journey is inquire of the Lord.

When David inquired of the Lord, he was given strategic plans in 1 and 2 Samuel. If you inquire of the Lord, I am sure He will let you in on His secrets too.

When individual pieces of a puzzle come together, they create a greater picture. So do the pieces of your life.

Embrace the new alignments and fresh assignments and watch what happens.

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