Toni is a speaker, artist, an author, and entrepreneur. She has been married since 1990, is the mother of three adult children, and a grandmother of two. She is a home creator and corporate business owner. In 1987, Toni became a graphic artist and designer specializing in advertising. In 1991, she ventured into motherhood and made her home her new career. Toni remained a home creator until 2009. Toni is also an ordained minister and co-founded multiple ministries in Southern California from 2009 to 2014. She continues to offer private ministry to individuals and groups. Toni has a passion and a purpose to connect with God, celebrate His presence and communicate His love. Toni is a general contractor and Vice President of T.I. Construction Inc. She continues to produce art, write and create a home. Toni is passionate to cultivate creativity and celebration.

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